Bad news on top of the bad news ….

China says no to sanctioning Russia amid Ukraine bombardment, vows to continue ‘normal trade cooperation’

China also abstained during a UN General Assembly vote Wednesday on a nonbinding resolution calling on Russia to halt its war on Ukraine

Based on the military strength and sophisticated weaponry they have combined; I would say they are a formidable opponent and will be very hard to defeat.

The leaders of the free world better hurry and find some type of magician trick to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

As I have alluded to before; Charlie Chan and the judo guy are definitely in bed with one another and absolutely cannot be trusted.

It would be foolish to think otherwise; that these two tyrants have not been conspiring for years. It may not be too far down the road or in the distant future, they may be implementing their dastardly plan and reveal their ace in the hole to the world.

Very precarious and sad times!! Hopefully the casualties can be at a minimum (one is too many) and a peaceful solution be arrived at.

I have always been an optimistic person; but based on current conditions and circumstances; not in this go round.

With all of the superpowers in the free world and the UN sticking together; that is the only ray hope that I see for the world.

Now that these two warmongers are on a roll, I really do not see them calling it quits anytime soon.

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