Speaking in a language THE REFUSAL FOOLS understand ….

Fauci on the pandemic: “We can get this to plateau, to come down”


The old expresion “it is a matter of life and death” absolutely fit this scenario.

The Oriental people have been using mask for centuries to keeping illnesses at bay. They have functioned perfectly normal and just made up their mind that wearing the mask is just part of their every day routine.

Why do Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai People Wear Surgical Masks?

The very same thing can apply to the USA weak minded citizens. It is only a mental thing folks.

What are the options; wear a mask and get rid of Mr Corona for good; or be a asshole, a tough guy, a rebel, a jackoff that does not like to be told what to do and refuses to wear one? The cemetery is full of fools like that.

COVID-19: Considerations for Wearing Masks | CDC

I don’t give one shit or even 5 shits about THE REFUSAL FOOLS; my concern is about the team players that want to defeat this Invisible Monster son-a-bitch.

In my opinion there should be a federal law passed; if you don’t wear a mask you can get fined and possibly arrested. It is about time everyone gets onboard and works together to defeat this monster. Repeat offenders should be thrown in jail. That is the only way that we are going to win this war against covid-19 everybody pulling in the same direction. There are millions of fool out there that still think this a a game.

As far as THE REFUSAL FOOLS go, they all are nothing but self-centered sons of bitches that have no consideration for the rest of mankind. People with attitude like that do not deserve to breathe the shame air we do.

I think the time has long passed where we can conclusively say; COVID-9 is not a figment of anyone’s imagination and is a real threat to ALL of mankind.

To THE REFUSAL FOOLS; get you head out of your ass for once in your life and consider your fellow man’s safety, well-being and security. If you DGAF about yourself and kids, go jump off of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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