My intuition and crystal ball ….

Moldova prepared to defend itself after map shows former Soviet republic as possible next Russian target

Moldova is prepared to defend itself against a “very worst-case scenario,”

I said it in the first couple posts that I did when Puting invaded Ukraine; what is going to prevent this pathological maniac from invading other countries in his quest for greatness?? Nothing to stop him.

In his mad mind, while he is on a roll he just may keep it going.

I am fearful the conversations and negotiating are not going cut it. These conditions are a lot more serious/severe and goes way behind dialogue.

This genocide in our modern day and age it’s just unspeakable. What would ever possess another human being to be so vengeful/brutal to another country/people except being absolute psychopathic maniac.

How anyone can support/condone this astronomical madness is beyond explanation.

In extremely difficult situations or when I have to make a critical decision to make, I always tried to put myself in the other guys shoes and ask; how would I like this happening to my family?? That question alone, 99% of the time brings me to the right solution. I guess it does not work for everyone.

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