Watch out for the armbar Jarrod

Who ever said that Jar heads are bashful?

A U.S. Marine, who goes by Jarrod Hash on Facebook, took to social media to ask out the MMA fighter Rocking Rhonda Rousey. Not to get in the ring and throw hands with her but to take the queen of the octagon on a date. He asked Rhonda to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball in a video that has since received more than 3 million views.


I think it is a good but daring move for this young Marine. If Rhonda does accept his invitation; they certainly will be the talk of the Marine Corps Ball.

We always have to remember a few things in life; the squeaking wheel gets the grease – if you don’t ask you will never know but always, never count your chickens before they go out on a date with you.

If Jarrod happens to strike gold and the toughest women on the planet gives him the nod; he better be on his best behavior or she will kick the shit out of him.

Any other lady that would kick a man’s ass I would be ashamed to admit it but Rocking Rhonda is a different story. She is one dynamite martial artist.

Jarrod Buddy; if you get on the ground with Rhonda; watch out for the arm lock, it is a killer.

Semper Fi and behave yourself unless she gives you the sign.


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