Cronyism at its finest.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A four-year investigation has concluded that officials of the solar company Solyndra misrepresented facts by omitted key information in their efforts to get a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government.

It appears that there was a great deal of deception and politics associated with the $535 million dollar loan that Solyndra received from the United States government as a bailout from bankruptcy. Solyndra lied about a contract that they said was pending; without the contract they would have not qualified for the loan.

According to some supposedly in the know, the deal was pushed through by Mr. Obama and company. It just so happens that a couple of the main principles at Solyndra were some of the biggest contributors to Obama’s presidential campaign.

When an investigation was to be launched against Solyndra, Eric Holder who at the time was the Attorney General, decline to move forward with the charges against them. Not enough evidence said the blind man.

If that does not have all of the earmarks of a hanky panky situation; Popeye and Olive Oil never dated.


This is just another in the long line of political offenses perpetrated on the American people by the politicians that control our country and purse strings

Because of the political implications and some believe the friendships volving the principals there will be no criminal charges brought against Solyndra.

Coincidentally the company declared bankruptcy a very short time after they were awarded the secured loan. That in itself should have constituted deception and been a criminal offense.

Another great example of being in the click; in 2010 General Electric made 14.2 billion dollars profit and didn’t pay any taxes. Shortly there after Jeffrey R. Immelt, the chairman and chief executive of General Electric Co. was appointed by Obama as his outside economic adviser.

That may have been an excellent choice. Who would be better qualified as the chief economic advisor than a guy that got away without paying taxes on 14.2 billion?

Just to be clear on this; I am not contending that Immelt or GE did anything illegal. Their financial ambulance chasers theoretically worked within the limits of the tax laws. It is our government and the law makers that make situation such as this possible. This is a great example of why there should be a flat tax. No loopholes.

It appears to me that the crooks and the people/companies that take advantage of these loopholes in the tax structure are the ones that are making all the money and the working class people are the ones that are supporting them and all of the freeloaders on social services that are collecting illegally. There are millions of them that continue to go undetected that cost the  working tax payers billions a year.


DEFINITION of ‘Flat Tax’

A system that applies the same tax rate to every taxpayer regardless of income bracket. A flat tax applies the same tax rate to all taxpayers, with no deductions or exemptions allowed. Supporters of a flat tax system propose that it would give taxpayers incentive to earn more because they would not be penalized with a higher tax bracket. In addition, supporters argue that a flat tax system is fairer because it imposed the tax on all taxpayers regardless of income.

This system puts everyone on an even playing field and eliminates anyone using tax shelters. It is a great idea but the big boys do not like it for obvious reasons. It would cost them and their cronies a fortune.

The old cliche among the big boys is; the only downside of a click is if  you are not in it!!!

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