Heavens forbid

Must have been some pretty potent stuff this dude was sucking on before he came on the show.

If the US of A thinks we have problems now; just wait until 2020 when that nitwit who is married to what’s her name (her old man was a mouthpiece for OJ) runs for president as he claimed last night on that mongoloid infested music award program last night.


If there is a Supreme Being; he or she must have put all of the degenerates they could find in a big burlap sack; shook the shit out of it and whatever or whoever fell out put them on that award show.

mmm                     mmmmmmmm  hn                       mmn

As much as the public bitches about that brat that sticks out her tongue and dresses like a slut, they continue to feed her exaggerated ego by featuring her on that poor excuse for an entertainment program.


To all you PC-ers out there; I am sure this is who you want your kids to grow like.

It appeared that a good deal of the bimbos on the program tried to outdo one another, making fools out of themselves by the way they appeared in a state of undress. One of them had a itch she couldn’t shake.

Just think; with any luck, in 2020 when the election is over and the dope smoking screw-ball takes his oath of office; we will all have the distinct pleasure of having Caitlyn’s step-daughter as our first lady.  We thought the French guy Sarkozy was gutsy!!

ca            hhh

I can just see little North West running from north to west up and down the halls of the White House.

The real sad part about the majority of these celebs; they are very talented people and do not have to resort to these tactics in order to be successful.

I guess daddy wanted his little girl to grow up this way.


Isn’t this how every father and daughter should pose for pictures????

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