Another animal out of his cage

Pregnant Woman Dies After Allegedly Kidnapped By Ex;

Speaking of animals. This morning I did a post on a black animal that killed a cop for no reason.  Tonight I am doing a post on a white animal that shot his pregnant girlfriend and then threw her out of his moving vehicle.

This piece of whale shit (the lowest thing in the ocean floor) Ryan Arnold shot his ex-girlfriend before dumping her body from a moving car while police chased him. In the process, he killed the girls unborn baby caused from the trauma.

How do we even attempt to explain or understand what kind of people we are dealing with in these situations? What motivates their insanity?

Police arrested Ryan Arnold, 23, on Monday after a high-speed pursuit.

The sheriff’s deputies got a call of a domestic dispute at Arnold’s Lexington home Sunday. Arnold was seen fleeing the home with a weapon and firing a weapon into the air. He was barricaded inside the home with Hayley Hill, 23, when officers returned on Monday but bolted with her from the residence in his truck before they could capture him.

The fetus of his girlfriend was pronounced dead at the hospital and his girlfriend died later in the week.

As we can see; animals come is all shapes, sizes, races and nationalities. Unfortunately we do not have enough room in the zoos’ around the country to lock them up before they commit a crime.

I had a hard time accepting the fact that there are somethings in this world that cannot be fixed. We have to take them as they come and deal with the appropriately and permanently.  Put the sick animals to sleep and at least we do not have to feed them at the taxpayers expense.

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