Albert has really got their number $$$$$$$$

Sony exec meeting Al Sharpton ahead of ‘Annie’ premiere:

Everyone in the industry or in government that is kowtowing to this guy or in laymen’s terms kissing Albert’s ass is creating a real monster out of this guy.

Not that Albert hasn’t been out of control for a long time; but all this attention he is getting lately will really swell up that oversized head of his.

Where is this convicted – blood sucking – opportunist preacher getting this credibility his is receiving all of a sudden?

He is like the Kardashian Family, the bigger a fool he makes out of himself and the louder he shouts the more attention he gets. It seems to be working for both parties.

Open your eyes people; Albert is one of the biggest con men in recent times and has a lot of people bullshitted. It amazes me that so many people are as gullible as they are not being able to see through this act of his.


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The liberal media and the black community have created a Frankenstein, now we all have to live with it.

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