Is it Warren or Billy??

Talk about an absolute fraud; the grand prize goes to Bill De Blasio (AKA Warren Wilhelm Jr) the current mayor of the Big Apple.


For all of you sports fans out there that didn’t know it, De Blasio isn’t his given last name.

This dude better hope he is never in a dark alley some day with one of his homies who has a gun to his head because he will be up shits creek with-out a paddle. I can guarantee that the Blue Flu will hit the city with full force and the majority of the Boys in Blue will be in sick bay that day.

rr             kkk

I would think that any smart person who was the mayor of a city, especially the size of NY, would know that one of the first things on the agenda is to have peace and harmony between them-self and the cops.

Just like anyone else, they should be allowed to disagree with each other but to have absolute dissention as exists between the two side is counterproductive and can turn into something very ugly.  Both sides truly need each other’s support.

Billy  must have, either been ashamed of his heritage because he dropped his father’s last name Wilhelm, then he adopted his mother’s maiden name De Blasio. Maybe he figured it was better for his political future to be Italian in New York than German.

Today his honorable/dishonorable Wilhem (AKA De Blasio) was booed at a commencement ceremony of police that graduated their training.

I hope Warren or is it Billy, comes to his senses and runs up the white flag. It would be in the best interest of both parties.


This one is for my Jar Head buddy JM.

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