The Shack really Shakes

Shake Shack IPO Proves It’s Possible To Make Money And Pay Your Workers Well:

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There are some good companies in this country after all that can still make a good profit and do not shake down their employees by paying them well.

Shake Shack is a New York based company; the workers at the Manhattan location make a starting wage of $10 an hour. That’s higher than both New York’s current minimum wage of $8 an hour and the $8.50 an hour due to kick in on 1-1-15.

As far as I am concerned, I would rather patronize a place like the Shake Shack that treats and pays their employees well then places like the The Golden Arches and Burger King where they try to shake down their employees by paying them the bare minimum.

It truly says something about a company and its owners that let their employees reap some of the profits for their hard work. The people fell wanted and appreciated. The vast majority of businesses owners are greedy and have no regard for their workers. They forget who got them where they are.

Their generosity and strategy seems to be working. Shake Shack’s system-wide sales grew from $21 million in 2010 to $140 million this year. That is one hell of a jump.

They have 63 locations and haven’t closed one since they opened in 2004.


Good for them. Continued success to a group of stellar SHAKERS.

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