Obama sorry golf schedule changed wedding location:

If anyone believes that for a minute, I still have some swampland for sale.

Not only did Obama fourrrr this couple he actually eightedddddd  them.

What horrible news. Did the two captains in the US Army really believe that Mr. O would actually attend their wedding being that they were tying the knot in Hawaii at the same time Obama was playing golf there?  Come on! That is what I call being very obsequious.


Not only did Mr. O decline the invitation to the nuptial, but because he was playing golf at that same course where the couple was getting hitched, Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue’s reception had to be cancelled due to security issues. The couple had to make last minute arrangements for their reception. Maybe the government will pick up the tab. I think it is only fitting. The piss away on more foolish things than that.


As far as I am concerned Obama should have had to play golf somewhere else. These two Army lover birds made their reservations long before Obama made his “T” time.  That is sure signifying what presidential power is all about.

I was considering inviting Mr. O over for a dish of spaggs and balls with a side of pasta fagoli at our next family gathering but under the circumstances I think the possibility of him accepting the invite would be out of the question.

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Mangiare bene!


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