Salty Sam slams reporter

All of the fools that said they were leaving the USA if Trump got elected were just blowing smoke out of their rear tail pipe. It was all conversation. They know when they have a good thing. They know what side their bagels are buttered on.

Recently when Sammy L Jackson was asked about his impending permanent trip out of the country, he got hot under his collar.  I can’t understand why?

With the election results final, it was refreshing to see that not all of this country’s citizens  can be swayed by the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.  Common sense and good judgment prevailed and the best person won the election.

There were a lot of SPECIAL ONES  that had to eat crow on November 9th.


Pass the salt and pepper

I was kind of hoping that all of the Trump haters were people of the word, kept their promises, got their hats or bonnets after the votes were counted and headed out to greener pastures.

download-4                               download-5

Sammy buddy; a man is only as good as his word!   

If they take their heads out of that dark place it is stuck in, they should be able to see what kind of amazing progress Trump is making in such a short amount of time. He  hasn’t even put his hand on the bible yet.

Mr Trump is placing the right people in cabinet positions based on their expertise, unlike Mr. O drawing names out of a fish bowl to fill slots.  Any good leader knows that they are only as good as the people surrounding them.  The fools are the ones that truly believe; it is all them!

I don’t know if the people that continue to get their crying towels out over the immigration issue are listening to what Trump is saying. It is not his intention to rip families apart. He said he is going to deport all of the criminal element first and then consider the fate of each person on an individual basis. Some will stay and some will have to go.

In the meantime, Trump is definitely going to get rid of the sanctuary cities one way or another.  Possibly some of the defiant mayors would like to hide a few of the lawbreakers in their basement and support them.

images-3 we know better than that.




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