Shit talking fools

If talking shit and selling wolf tickets were electricity; Mayweather and McGregor could light up the entire planet for centuries.

Being hyped as one of the biggest payday fights of all times; by matching up an undefeated  boxer against a highly rated martial artist, it is supposed to be a fighting spectacular. Don’t be surprised if fight world is highly disappointed, they have been many times before.

Mayweather who has a 49 – 0 record is getting 200 million $oldi and McGregor is getting a measly 100 million for what is scheduled for a 36 minutes of work. That is providing the fight goes the distance. McGregor has 21-3 record.


That equates to, if the fight goes the distance, Mayweather will make $ 5,555,555.00 per minute and The Irishman will make $2,777,777.50  per minute. Not bad, HUH??

I would get in the ring right now for that kind of $oldi and give my opponent a baseball bat to use.

Fight fans; there are  only going to be a few  real winners in this contest and most of the time it is never the public. Pay per view – the UFC – Mayweather and McGregor and a hand full of others.

I would like to see one of the fighters get knocked out in 15 seconds of the 1st round so the suckers that paid that kind of $oldi gets their moneys worth.

The fight is set for Aug. 26: home viewing suckers are going to have to cough up $89.95 plus $10 more for high definition.  Ring side seats at the venue go for $10,000.00 up front to $500.00 for the nose bleed section. That would be EACH, not for the entire row. These people are too big to be a plain ordinary fish; they all fall into the whale category.

Notice in the video how fat Dana White got since the UFC was sold. The man is living the good life.

Dana White put the deal together years back for his two friends the Fertitta  brothers to buy  the failing UFC for 2 million $oldi. White owns 9% of Zuffa, LLC, the entity the Fertitta brothers created to own and manage the UFC. Recently, the UFC was bought from them for 4 BBBBillion $oldi. Not a bad profit.

It is so hard to tell how extravaganzas like this wind up. One thing I do know, win, lose or draw, these two  pugnacious pugilists get their $oldi regardless.  So tell me, what is their incentive to put on a good performance except their gigantic ego and bragging rights?

I really would like to see both fighters give the fight fans around the world their moneys worth. They are both the best in their perspective professions.

Prediction: If there are no restrictions put on either fighter and they can use everything in their arsenals; I give the edge to McGregor.

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