Very hard to digest …


141 sexual abuse survivors accept courage award at the ESPYS

Is it almost beyond comprehension that 141 girls/ladies/females were molest by one low-life vermin who calls himself a doctor before he was exposed??? It maybe too hard for me to believe that as many girls/ladies/females were molested over an extended period and not recognized or brought to light for years??

141 is the number of claimed victims. Not 14 or 41, BUTT 141. WOW.

I am not accusing any of them as being liars; BUTT it is just perplexing to try and understand that it took so long and so many were molested by this degenerate pig before the cat was let out of the bag.


Where the hell were the parents and supervision??

I say there is only one justice a son-of-a-bitch like him would understand, being turned over to the victim’s family and let them exact their revenge. 141 WOW.  141 WOW – it is very difficult to understand how he got away with all he did.  Some of the molestation was done with the parents present, camouflaging it as what he called therapy.

My opinion has always been; NEVER TRUST ANYONE.  Trust is earned over a period of time, it is not given out like candy on Halloween.

Sad to say, I will put some of the blame on the supervision at the college and the parents for not being more vigilant.  NEVER TRUST ANYONE, especially with your kids.

There are numerous sectors that focus on kids, where to this very day, a lot of molestation going on that has not surfaces yet.  Degenerates like Nassar deliberately get involved with organizations so they have access to kids. To these degenerate swine, it is a SUPER HUMAN BUFFET.

REPEAT: I say there is only one justice a son-of-a-bitch like him understand, being turned over to the victims families and let them exact their revenge.

141 WOWWW!!!


It is pathetic that we have to live under these adverse conditions, BUTT our world have evolved into a very sick place over time and we have to be ever so vigilant.

15 or 20 years ago; did we ever consider someone would kidnap one of our kids right in front of their house while waiting for a school bus??? Wake up folks, it is a different time and we are in a different place.


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