Long over due

Trump budget aims to end automatic pay hikes for federal workers, make firings easier

It used to be the rule of DUMB; when a government worker %$#@&* up bad enough, they would be given a pay raise and a promotion.  Not any more if the New Sheriff has anything to say about it.


President Trump put underperforming federal workers on notice Monday, including in his $4 trillion budget plan a major overhaul for how hiring and firing is done in the D.C. bureaucracy. 

Following on Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” the plan calls for several big changes. This includes ending automatic pay hikes that kick in “irrespective of performance,” changing retirement benefits and making it easier to fire bad employees and reward good ones. 

For as far back as I can remember, disciplinary actions for flagrant  government workers was almost non-existent. An employee had no incentive to do a good job because they knew it was almost impossible to fire them. Featherbedding became their hallmark. One of the worst of the worst were the minority workers. The 1st word out of their mouth if they were ever corrected or chastised was one of two. prejudice or racist. They had everyone scared to death to try and discipline them for a wrong doing.

This pattern was prevalent in all areas of government from, city – county – state & federal.

I knew a guy years back who was a supervisor with the city. On his crew was a black guy that deliberately, came in late – slept on the job – was drunk all the time and thumbed his nose at the supervisor, knowing that he could not be fired. Finally the supervisor had enough and did fired the guy.

The next morning the supervisor was called into his boss’s office. He was told point blank; either he hired the guy back or he was out the door.  That was NOT an uncommon scenario.

The sheriff is not going to stand for such nonsense. Trump previewed the plan in his first State of the Union address last month. During the speech, the president called on Congress to “empower every Cabinet Secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.” 

It is long overdue. This country should be run like a business where people have to be accountable instead of continually inter-coursing the canine and getting away with it.

If PDT has his way; there will be an end to: The White House calls for abandoning “across-the-board pay increase for 2019,” in order to “realign incentives by enhancing performance-based pay and slowing the frequency of tenure-based step increases.”

I have been standing on my soap box yelling for many years; people that work for the government should be paid a respectable base salary and then added compensation based on a performance level.  Guidelines and performance lines should be established. If they do not cut it, there should be a slogan hung on the wall of every governmental building.

If you can’t cut it, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Just like in the sports would; what incentive does a guy have that makes 20 mill a year to play hard and perform well if he gets paid the same either way.

Many of the issues PDT is addressing are for the betterment of our country; BUTT there are too many fools out there that do not want the old gravy train to stop operating.  They view PDT as a prick for wanting to put an end to BSU (business as usual). Needless to say, there are many people out there that PDT’s  way of thinking is going to effect and they are not happy about it.

Not all; BUTT many government employees are so lax in their job performance it is pathetic.

Why Is Public-Employee Morale So Bad? – Governing magazine

The private sector has learned the value of engaging its workers. Government needs to take advantage of that. August 23, 2016. By Howard Risher | Contributor. Consultant focusing on public-sector pay and performance. Too many public employers are missing out on something important and valuable. Government should …

The feather bedders are always the first one to complain when initiatives such as this are presented, BUTT they are doing nothing to protect their jobs. That is why, starting some years ago, the government has gone into the private sector when they need something done the right way, in an expedient manner.

I have often said; if a government worker, regardless of what RANK they, was paying the tab out of their pocket, the would be eating at the Golden Arches and sleeping at Motel 6.

It isn’t their money, so they eat at Ruth Chris and shack up and the Four Seasons. The same thing applies to job performance. If these same people were building a house; who would they be more likely to hire for the project, a government worker that can not be budged with a case of dynamite or a private contractor that can control the people working for them? I think the answer is simple.

Take the last guy sitting in the Big Chair. When he was putting together his passion – his dream – what he thought was his ultimate achievement – his legacy – the nu-affordable healthcare plan (AKA OBAMACARE), who did he hire to design the website?  It wasn’t his money so why did he care. He hired a Canadian firm, without getting a bid from them. As a major coincident, employed at the company Obama hired, one of their big wigs working for them was Michele Obama’s room mate in college.

Revealed: Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is top executive at firm that that built disastrous Obamacare website after being awarded no-bid $93m contract

If my memory serves me; that 93 million dollar project to develop the website for Obamacare ballooned way out of control.  The final tab laid on the USA’s government was over 2 BBBBillion dollar$. Here is the clincher. The company  NEVER completed the project, BUTT got paid in full.
In all of their wisdom and embarrassment after the fact, the government FINALLY was forced to hire an American company to finish the project. They claimed that the new company was the best in the business. My question was; why didn’t they hire them initially?
One of many examples of government waste.
At that time, I did a post stating that Go Daddy does websites for 19.95$
UnitedHealth warns it may exit Obamacare plans:

Excerpt: November 19 2015 – The Goomba Gazette

I think it is time to put some of those farting horses to sleep that Mr. O has contrived. Obamacare or more commonly known in the circles of reality; the un-affordable health care plan; is one of the nags right up there with the worst of herd.

The cost of that monstrosity was unimaginable. To start with  just the website for the plan wound up costing over 2 billion dollars.

I did a post at the time being facetious and said that GoDaddy does websites for 19.95$. The contract to put this mess together  was GIVEN without any competitive bidding to a company that was owned by a  Canadian firm and one of the VP’s went to college with that Mrs. O.  That was only for starters.

After a long drawn out process, the Canadian company had the plan so screwed up that the administration finally gave it to an American company to repair. The clincher is; they said it was the best company in the business. Why didn’t they GIVE it to the American company in the beginning? That is what I consider looking out for the American workforce.

Not to mention; to the best of my knowledge, the Canadian company did not have to come up with a refund because they failed to complete their project. It is always who you know!!

Point being; essentially, Mr. O was a government worker and it was not hi$ money. What did he care?

Hopefully the New Sheriff  will put an end to BAU.  From my perspective, PDT is very diligent on how he spends the governments money, Not in ALL areas, BUTT most.

When was the last time we saw ANY president negotiate with a government contractor over pricing? Never.

Even if it is a game PDT is playing or a challenge to his ability as a leader; that is all well and good. At least he is trying to change the system in ways government is squandering money.

PDT is running the government in many sectors like a business as it should be, with accountability and performance expectations.

This endeavor of PDT’s will not be an easy sell, BUTT is a necessary sell.  When anyone is trying to save money, they should not focus on the millions, they should start with the pennies that will eventually grow into billions.

I knew a guy years ago that was a very successful guy in the Italian import business. He once told me; all I do to get the price up a little is, add a penny a can and no one notices. If I raise it a quarter, they are all over me.

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