Semper Fi – timing is very poor

Marine Corps’ first Super Bowl ad in 30 years targets ‘cord-cutters’

The U.S. Marine Corps will air an ad during the Super Bowl for the first time in 30 years, using an online-only spot Sunday to target a young, tough, tech-savvy audience for potential recruits.

The 30-second ad – which can be viewed at – shows Marines deploying off ships in amphibious vehicles, dropping bombs from aircraft and hurling a shoulder-launched drone into the air, simulating real-life combat missions.


Possibly this Jar Head is missing something.

The military has been asking everyone NOT to support the NFL and to boycott the Super Bowl because of the disrespect the PC-Kneelers have demonstrated against our government and the military.   Noooooooow they are paying millions of dollar$ to have a commercial aired during the game.  What am I missing??

“I’m trying to enlist 18- to 24-year-olds. And they tend to be cord-cutters. They take in entertainment differently and they tend to do it on a device rather than a television.”

– Maj. Gen. Paul Kennedy, head of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command

It seems that Major Kennedy got his brains rattled in boot camp during the pugil stick training and has suffered long lasting affects.

For clarification; the pugil stick is supposed to be a stimulated rifle with a bayonet attached to the top of it.  Classes are given how it can be used to up-close in hand to hand combat.

As I always have alluded to, it is not their money, so they can care less about how they squander it.  I think better judgement could have been used in this case.

Major Kennedy: FYI; the bus left last year and you missed it.

What do the commercials cost to advertise during the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XLVII and Super Bowl XLVIII both set the average cost of a 30-second commercial at $4 million. Super Bowl XLIX, also broadcast by NBC, surpassed that record with a base price of $4.5 million.

Pissing away a lot of green Kennedy. Could have bought a couple of rocket launchers and tanks with that kind of $oldi.  Or maybe just one. If 2 refrigerators cost 24 million to replace on Air Force 1; what the hell will can a tank with rocket launchers cost??


So once again; theoretically, if no one is watching the Super Bowl, how does the Corps intend to attract any new recruits???

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