Whatever it takes …..

Gina Haspel promises not to restart CIA torture program if confirmed as director

To start and end with, anyone that is opposed to water boarding or any other type of extreme interrogation method is way off base.  Have they ever heard of; ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR?? That certainly applies to war.

Way back when, water-boarding a terrorists was a NO NO and a big issue with the BHOA (bleeding hearts of America), Haspel was in favor of it.  Now because of her past position, the bleeding hearts are holding that over her head before they approve her for CIA Director.


Is water-boarding inhumane treatment of another human-being?? Absolutely; BUTT so is war.  It is OK for the enemy to use any kind of despicable tactics on our military personal, BUTT it is taboo in the USA to use the same methods.

I will bet all the ca$h I have tucked under my mattre$$; if one of the people that oppose extreme interrogation methods had their life or one of the family members lives on the line; if water boarding would be the ONLY way to save their life; what the hell do you think they would do??

God hates cowards and Hypocrites.

If in fact; we never can tell, when dealing with a wack-job-PC-er; they just might put a nix on the water-boarding to save their family members life; especially, if the guy owed them money.

I absolutely detest violence. Many people that read my posts may not agree with that statement. I will walk a mile to stay out of a confrontation; BUTT if I am forced into one; I will do anything and everything in my power, or use anything at my disposal to come out on top. ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR.

It is a shame that the do-gooders have Haspel’s back against the way with her nomination to the Director of the CIA.  I would support her in a minute.

If the enemy would agree to a set of rules of engagement and abide by them, than the USA should do the same.  Many years ago Russia and Syria agreed not to use chemical weapons and we can see how good their word was.

Q&A: Syria chemical weapons disarmament deal – BBC News

BBC News examines the framework agreed by the US and Russia to remove or destroy Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons by the middle of 2014. … powers had presented no evidence and that it would have been illogical for the Syrian army to use weapons of mass destruction in an area where its soldiers were present.


God hates cowards and Hypocrites.


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