Gotta to call them like you see them …

House Democrats to investigate Trump and his impact on DOJ, FBI

That is exactly what PDT is doing and will continue to do, call them out, as long as the DOJ and the FBI operates clandestinely outside the boundaries of their sworn positions, with favoritism and malice intent. 

House Democrats are reportedly planning to use their incoming majority in Congress to probe President Trump’s impact on the integrity of the Justice Department and the FBI, and have asked for a response from the departments’ leaders by the end of the year.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the incoming Democratic chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, urged top U.S. law enforcement officials to respond to over 100 letters House Democrats sent regarding Trump’s actions towards U.S. law enforcement, Reuters reported.

Nadler asked acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and FBI Director Christopher Wray to respond to the questions by Dec. 31.

“I write with growing concern over President Trump’s repeated attacks on the integrity of the Department of Justice and the FBI,” Nadler said in the letter. “The president’s behavior appears to be motivated by an urge to shield himself, his family, and his business interests from the ongoing work of the department and the bureau,” he added.

GMAFB – what does this nit-wit Nadler expect from the man whose party has been trying every sleazy deal  in the book to exterminate him, a ticker tape parade?? May I add, up to this point, all of their efforts have been unsuccessful. That is what really puts a fire under their ass. 

It is as clear as CHC deleted all of her illegal email,  that there was absolutely favoritism shown to the  Clinton Machine during the 2016 election process by the two government agencies.

BUTT like so many of their other disasters, it backfired on them.  When Comey tried to put the boots to The Donald, those boots came back and kicked him in right in his 6′ 8″ ass. 

I even heard a rumor. If PDT and his bride have another kid, they are going to AXE Comey to be the god-father to reward him for putting PDT over the top.  Without Comey trying to put the burn on The Donald and it backfiring on him, The Donald would have never been elected. 

SOOOOO, if it pisses off the FBI and the DOJ for PDT trying to expose their corrupt ways, soooo be it.

It is just as shame that so many good people are affected by so few. 

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