They say binder, I say blunder ….


Published January 28, 2023 8:00am EST

Karine Jean-Pierre upstaged by White House official in Biden docs saga, critics say: ‘She talks like a binder’

John Kirby, formerly Obama’s Pentagon spokesman, appears more willing to engage on Biden classified documents questions

Check out the smirk on her face, she is laughing before she gets to the pulpit. She is an embarrassment to her herself, to her party, and the country. What else can we expect when everyone in the White House is a protege of stumbling Kamikaze Joe??

KJ was instructed by his puppeteers, always to put his most photogenic part toward the camera.

Before they were selected for their positions they had to take an aptitude test to make sure they were not smarter than their new boss. Sad to say, all of the spokespeople passed the test with flying colors. Buckwheat was the Valedictorian of her class.

I will stand by my position. Why have press conferences at all when the spokespeople are programmed to only answer certain/ non-incriminating questions before they stand behind the pulpit?? I think one of the major TV series producers should make a SITCOM out of this comedy.

If nothing else, we have to give the spokespeople a 10 plus for their performances. In Italian, we have a saying Senza volto, or no face. You could not embarrass these people if you tried.

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