Are they smart enough to listen ???????

Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025: ‘I hope I am wrong’

Four-star Air Force general warns 2024 elections will ‘distract’ US, enable China to invade Taiwan

It seems to be the pattern that the United States does not allow people to perform in the positions they were given or earned, politicians constantly stick their nose where it doesn’t belong and get things all fucked up.

Why does any company hire a CEO if they do not allow the CEO to do what he was hired for??

This type of irresponsibility has been the mantra for American politicians. They get involved in situations they have no business being in, with no background, no experience, and no understanding of the elements.

It would be my hope at the general, as he stated, is wrong in his assumption. A war with China could be absolutely disastrous. If it gets serious enough, it may mark the end of civilization as we know it today.

In my opinion, war with China is destined to happen, sooner or later. China has been working its way up to this confrontation to take over as the world’s power for many years.

One thing I absolutely disagree with General Minhan is, his announcing his observations and making them public.

I have always been of the opinion that the element of surprise is a very important factor in the time of war. Never send a bully a telegram and announce that you will be at this house in two weeks to kick his ass. Take a good guess at what will be waiting for you.

Clandestinely be prepared, and do whatever it calls for if and when the time comes. Do not announce your intentions to the world.

American politicians, the people involved with the government’s MO, always want to be the first ones to make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT so they can suck up the glory. Forget the glory and win the battle, if and when it comes.

Our lame-brain president said last year that he would respond to an invasion of Taiwan by deploying U.S. forces, unlike the war in Ukraine. I would think the time has long passed that the powers to be in the United States worry about our country’s security instead of everybody else in the world. How much lower can we sink?

Walk softly carry a big stick – silent water runs deep!!

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