Just puppets on a string …..

Air Force brass has little to say on woke initiatives despite backlash

Air Force Academy superintendent says woke push helps produce ‘more effective warfighting units’

You know what I have to say about that: …..

Don’t try to BULSHIT me

The only thing I can see that ever came out of the word woke; a few million idiots woke up one morning and started to stir the shit pot, coming up with all nonsensical terms and patterns to try to change the system.

It hardly ever fails when a person is constantly playing a game of GET BACK, all they do is regress instead of progress. The only thing that woke turned into was one big joke.

If this is the best reason the Air Force can come up with to try to disrupt and change the preparedness of their fighting unit by not referring to a person’s mother or father by mom or dad, they have a serious problem. They call it diversity; I call it stupidity.

Air Force Superintendent: The academy, for example, instructed students to use gender-inclusive language and refrain from using the words “mom” and “dad” in one diversity training.

These fools are torn from the same tattered/disfigured sheet as the psychotic individuals that are deliberately planted in schools to try to warp the students minds by teaching them everything except what are are supposed to.

Like any other military organization; the only thing the Air Force should be instructing is making their people into best fighting force in the sky and not be concerned about how one of their students may be addressing their parents. Total lunacy.

I really don’t know where to put this jacket of shame/blame on; these people are popping out of the woodwork like mice. I would think that anyone in their supposed position of authority would be ashamed to take outlandish positions as they have. Do they really know how ridiculous they sound??

Lt. Gen. Richard M. Clark is the superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy. (U.S. Air Force Academy)

“The briefing centered on respect for others and the warfighting imperative of leveraging diverse perspectives to solve our nation’s most difficult national security problems. Our strategic competitors are doing the opposite,” Clark said. “Our American diversity is a strategic advantage and opens the door to creative solutions, providing a competitive edge in air, space and cyberspace.”

Does this 3-star fool know how ridiculous he sounds?? Clark the puppet must have the same speech writer as Kamikaze Joe.

For a person to have a background in history like this three-star general, I would think that he would have a lot more on the ball than being concerned about woke issues. I am sure that a lot of pressure was put on him to push this agenda being who he is. It does look to me, if the information is correct, he has quite a career in the Air Force and did not come up through the ranks by being obsequious

Clark is a command pilot, with more than 4,200 combined hours in the B-1 LancerEC-135 Looking GlassKC-135 StratotankerT-1 JayhawkT-38 TalonT-6 Texan II, and Learjet C-21.[1] Four hundred of his flight hours have been in combat, and he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement and courage in the Global War on Terror. His initial flying assignment after pilot training was the Looking Glass in 1988 at Offutt AFB, then moved to the B-1 in 1991 at McConnell AFB.[1]

From 2010 to 2012, Clark served as the Commandant of Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy.[10] In 2016, Clark took command of the Third Air Force in Ramstein Air Base, Germany, and in 2018, he was named Deputy Air Force Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration.[1]

In July 2020, President Donald Trump nominated Clark to become the next Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy, succeeding Jay Silveria.[11] He began his duties on September 23, becoming the first black Superintendent to lead the institution.[6][7]

Be that as it may, the Air Force and all of the other military organizations should focus more on training their people to protect this country which I am sure will be paramount in the up and coming times we are facing. By instructing their students not to address their parents as mom and dad, in my opinion, and I’m sure millions of other people, it’s not going to make them better fighting machines.

Is the Airforce brass oblivious as to what is going on in the world today?? It is of the utmost importance that all of our military forces are on top of their game militarily; the more intuned they are taking out their adversaries the better off and safe the country will be. It may get very serious very soon.

Remember what I’ve always said; the only thing that most opposition fear and respect, is someone or something that is more deadly than they are.

All of our military must engage their enemies with a lion’s heart and not a powder-puff.

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