Time is long past to put this beat-up puppy to bed …

Conservatives call Biden ‘plain creepy’ for comment about his friendship with 12-year-old girl when he was 30

‘She was 12 and I was 30,’ Biden told attendees at a Friday rally for the NEA teachers’ union


I am almost reluctant to ask for an explanation for that comment. I know he has one but whether it is accurate or not has been the story of his life

Time is long past to put this beat-up puppy to bed. The biggest problem that confronts us is that the dogette who will replace him is far worse than he is.

As bad off as Kamikaze Joe is, no one can really tell what his affiliation with this 12-year-old girl was when he was 30 years old. Some of the tales I have heard about K J and seen through the years do not give me a clear conclusion of what his intentions were. He always had a propensity to think that he was gods gift to women and the Cock of the Walk with females of al ages.

Come on folks, tell me this is not out of line for a man of his age or any age to be that affectionate with strangers. The man has a severe problem when it comes to the opposite sex and everyone is reluctant to address him because of who he is and the position he holds. I say the guy is a disgrace. Probably because of the reality of it, and the fact that he has early stages of dementia, the truth is slipping out in his comments unintentionally.

Who knows what the actual facts are, we certainly will not get them from Kamikaze. Possibly if this person he is referring to wants to make her 15 minutes of fame, she may blow the whistle on him. What good will they do, not much I’m afraid.

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