WTF did they expect …..

Once nicknamed ‘Murderapolis,’ the city that became the center of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement is grappling with heightened violent crime

This is a very sad time in the history of the United States. The people have become so foolish and out of touch with reality through their ignorant moves, defunding or eliminating cops, they are perpetuating this astronomical degree of violence.

As I have suggested or recommended so many times before, the people that are behind these movements should be responsible for their tragic outcomes. Should there not be some culpability?? The blood of all these victims is on their hands. This is all part of the scheme of the socialists for the far-left to demoralize this country, tear it down one brick at a time.

Tell me who should be accountable for all of these tragedies?? .They just did not happen overnight. The idiotic brainstorms of the fools behind them who initiated this insanity should be held accountable.

People are getting slaughtered left and right because of this lunacy. I am not concerned about the gang-bangers or the rabble-rousers, the more the knock off the better, this is a badge of honor to them and their homies. My concern is about the innocent men women, and children that are caught in the crossfire of these maniacs.

Because of the ultraliberal, nonsensical position of the founders of this defunding madness, death, and destruction has totally skyrocketed out of control to the point it may be nearly impossible to rein back in.

The citizens of this country better wake up to the fact that if the USA does not come together with a common goal of peace and harmony, The end results will be catastrophic. They have certainly headed in that direction already.

Let us start rebuilding the police forces in these cities it allowed them to do their job. Even some of the staunchest liberals are starting to see that defunding the cops is not the answer.

Allow them to do their job as they are trained, punish the rogue cops to the fullest extent of the law if they cross the line, on the other hand support them so they can get this lawlessness under control.

I love this cliche: Doctor Phil has said so many times; how is what you’re doing working out for you so far??????

OYFN and smell the napalm fools, your cities are burning to the ground.

It’s just like the immigration situation. As long as the conditions do not involve the bigwigs (Marth’s Vineyard) directly, they can give two shits less about it. BUTTTTT as soon as lawlessness starts knocking on their front door, or their families become victims themselves, we will not see any changes. I tend the believe, that is not too far down the road

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