Irresponsible at its finest ……

This city has around 20 days of fresh water left. Officials are … › cnn-national › 2022/09/03 › t…

13 hours ago — A city in New Mexico has about 20 days of fresh water left, and officials there are scrambling to find another source to prevent …

Never repair the bridges that have been decaying for dozens of years until they collapse with about 200 cars stuck on it and kill a few dozen people.

The more I read, the longer I live it, it seems to me to be impossible that the parasite politicians who are voted into office to protect and defend, elected to make sure that the citizens have all of the necessities in life, be abreast of particular conditions as they exist, take action well before calamity happens, to keep the citizens out of harm’s way; the more I find out how absolutely incompetent all these fools are, the more it sickens me. How do they allow these conditions to get so out of control??

How long has it been that the people who govern these communities in these drought-stricken areas have been abreast of the fact that it would not be long before the rivers streams and aquifers would run dry? It must be at least a couple dozen years. NOWWWWWWWW at the 11th hour, where do they find themselves now, what predicament are they putting their citizens in, behind the 8 ball waiting for the proverbial guillotine to cut off their water supply? Shameful

Where can they go what can they do? If a house cost 30,000 or 30 million but has no water, it is absolutely worthless? They had dozens of years of advanced notice to prepare for this situation and naturally, as you would expect of the pathetic politicians, they have been caught with their pants down again. It is excusable, unbelievable and catastrophic to the people that live in that area.

In my opinion, this drought and shortage of water is just another phenomenon where Mother Nature is getting even with mankind. I believe this is only the beginning of what the future is going to bring in the way of natural disasters that will lead to the downfall of mankind.

Inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard, mile by mile, mankind is on its way out. You don’t believe me?? You must not be reading the news.

How many other thousands of conditions exist in different areas that are detrimental to the citizens of the world, being ignored by their money-mongering dictating thieves that control the purse strings.

Just one example:

Decaying infrastructure costs U.S. billions each year, report says › local › 2011/07/27

Jul 27, 2011 — Decaying roads, bridges, railroads and transit systems are costing the United States $129 billion a year, according to report issued …

That was 11 years ago – the cost may have quadrupled and they still are sitting on their hands, forking over billions to everyone and every country but the USA.

Folks as I said so many times, it is all about the money. There is absolutely no excuse for this dereliction of duty, incompetence at its highest level and lack of attention for the necessities of the citizens of the United States.

I think one of the biggest problems we face in this country is the lack of accountability at all levels. The morality, greed and the incompetence level has skyrocketed out of control and does not seem to have a solution. Situations such as running out of water are in excusable.

I saw a documentary on YouTube about this man that invented a machine that can purify water, regardless of what condition it’s in (salt included) by hundreds of thousands of gallons every day. What is the government doing sitting on their hands waiting for the disasters to happen. This must be a game plan in the way they perceive governing the people they represent. Wait till the shit hits the fan, and then make a pathetic move to rectify the situations come across sting hundreds of millions of dollars more than if these conditions were nipped in the bud.

What a sad fuckin world we live in!! Who should be held accountable for these situations?? Naturally the governing bodies, but that is not the way the system operate.

Sad to say; the people who committed the crimes or infractions are the ones that determine whether they are held responsible for their own activities. Not too bad huh!!

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