Confused Joe (AKA Kamikaze Joe) has his ocracies mixed up …..

Biden expected to deliver dark remarks Thursday portraying his political opposition as a threat to democracy

Biden’s speech comes after he accused Republicans of embracing ‘semi-facism’

WTF is semi-fascism??? Either a person is a fascist or not – no one can be half ugly and half handsome – no one can be half Jewish and half Christian – no can be a half a degenerate liar or not; K J has the distinction of being the complete package.

The real threat to this country is none other than K J and his crew. Everything the fool says and does is anti-American.

Are they slick or what?? These socio-dumbocrats have been so effective at selling cow-shit to the farmers and selling snow to the Eskimos, they don’t even blink an eye when the spit the lies out one after another.

One can say, possibly they are smarter in some cases then the right is. Up to a point, whatever they were doing was working for them. I believe that their numbers and sticking together has been the reason for their success. Hopefully the tipping point has reached it’s pinnacle and will start going the other way. They are still applying/relentlessly the same devious methods they did during the 2020 election because they were successful. They are trying to do a reverse psychology thing on the American people by blaming the other side for exactly what they are doing.

They are so bold and ballsy; they are standing in front of the bank teller with and an assault weapon in their hand, pointing it directly at the teller and deny they are robbing the bank. Best part, millions of fools believe them.

President Biden is expected to make a blistering attack on Republicans during a prime-time address Thursday.   

If bullshit was electricity, K J and his rhetoric, would be able to power the entire USA for 200 years.

Folks, let us all put a deaf ear to this clown and not watch him stand there and make a fool of himself and the USA. Let us all boycott all of his speeches on the Telle from here on in. Possibly if the networks ratings begin to take a nose dive, they will not aid in his delinquency and not air his lies.

Manifesto and legacy of Kamikaze Joe

It is virtually impossible to believe anything the sons-a-bitch says, so why listen to him.

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