Andddddd who takes the rap for the delays???? Naturally no one, this is a government projoject ……

It seems to be the same old song with just about every project the government gets its incompedent hands on.

Overruns and delays in government  projects is this commonplace as many liberated girls dropping their drawers on their first date.  

NASA cancels second Artemis launch attempt to the moon amid stubborn fuel leak. What the heck, Hydrogen? NASA again called off a launch of its mega moon rocket on Saturday, citing a stubborn fuel leak at the base of the rocket that couldn’t be stemmed after several attempts to seal it off.

This project has been under construction for many years and they still do not have it right. I say a good part of the delays are deliberate. If they get it right the first time. they would all be out of a job.

NASA won’t try to launch the Artemis 1 moon mission again for at least a few weeks

Updated September 3, 20226:48 PM ET 

Admitted cost: It takes just over $4 billion to put together the hardware and operations for a single launch of the paired vehicles. And each launch will burn through nearly 144 tons of liquid hydrogen and 844 tons of liquid oxygen in just eight minutes.

4 BILLION – AYSM!! If they admit to 4 billion, tack another 2 or 3 billion for safe measures.

Is  it reasonable to assume there are hundreds if not thousands of more pressing issues in our country where $4 billion can be put to good use. Our entire infrastructure is falling apart and they’re cutting the grass while their houses burning to the ground. It makes no sense at all. The United States has had it to good too long, not realizing that sooner or later the bottom is going to drop out, just like the rivers and streams have out west when the financial well runs dry. They all knew about the drought situation but turn the blind eye to it; now their back is against the wall with the problem they probably cannot resolve. That will filter down into just about everything the government is involved in, most especially with the people there are now at the helm

The value of 4 billion $$$$. How many mile of road paving could be done for 4 billion dollars you ask?? 1,000 miles.

The Soft Figures

Nonetheless, here are the daunting numbers: constructing a two-lane, undivided road in a rural locale will set you back somewhere between $2 and $3 million per mile — in urban areas, that number jumps to between $3 and $5 million. In a rural area, you can essentially build a road wherever you please (local zoning and property laws abiding), but in a city, you have to avoid the surrounding firmament and infrastructure and comply with strict construction codes.

Situations like this are more common/BAU than you may expect. The more government is involved in business related or industry related situations, there is more incompetence and feather bedding.

In my opinion, anything that takes 10 years to construct, (the Empire State Bldg took 16 months to complete) when it arrives at the launching pad, it should be 110% ready to launch.

There is one other issue that has always perplexed me. Anything that is powerful as the Rockets that have been launched into outer space are, why is it that even slight light rain storm can interfere with theit launch??

The longer governmental employees drag out a mission, it all adds up to job insurance. These people have a license to steal and operate with impunity under a no limit government spending. Here we go again, no accountability. Who the hell is watching the farm???

Many of the people who work for the US government are like drunken sailors when it comes to spending other people’s money. I find it hard to believe that the cost to build the spacecraft is so outrageous. I would guarantee that if this undertaking/construction was handled by an outside, independent, contractor, rather than the government, the cost would be half as much or less and be completed 10 times as efficiently.

In their own words:

Why Are So Many Government Projects Late and Over Budget?

Ironically, it can happen because managers skip steps in an effort to go faster.

EXAMPLE: One such government project to install a fire suppression device in the city’s central library. “Very late in the project, they had to retrofit it when they realized they didn’t have access to electricity close enough to the device.”

In other words, no one made sure there was a power source near by to power up the machine. Is that not the 1st and most obvious consideration that should have been made before construction begins?? I say it was noticed, but ignored to delay the job and generate more extras.

Or to put it plain and simple; a lot of people were not doing their job deliberately. I have been around long enough in the industry to give a first-hand account; these incidents are more deliberate than accidental.

I remember one particular situation where the freeway collapsed because of an earthquake in California. Instead of going through the government red tape and jumping through all the hoops of governmental procedures to reconstruct the roadway, they put it out to private bidders, guaranteeing the low bidder a $10 million bonus if he finished on time or before.

When it was all said and done the contractor finished months ahead of schedule and scooped up that 10 million dollars without any embarrassment. When asked if he felt bad about accepting that huge bonus, he laughed and said; if this was handled entirely by the government they would still be looking for the paper to draft the project on. And no I do not feel bad about taking the bonus.

Will this featherbedding and lack of initiative/production ever change with the government?? Hell no, this has been the pattern for decades and will continue to travel down the same old crooked road. I would venture to say, possibly 95% of the government projects go 50 to 100% over budget and weeks, months and possibly years not finished by theit completion date.

Let us not forget the huge element, the exchanging envelopes from contractors to government workers that are all part of the big scheme.

I continue to mention the fall of the Roman Empire and the eight reasons why it happened. They were as arrogant as our public officials are, claiming we are too powerful and two important for their government to fail. Do yourself a favor and read the eight reasons why Roman Empire failed. it is like looking directly into a mirror.

Same O same O – the only difference, in those days the incompetent thieves wore skirts.

Don’t hold your breath thinking that the next launch date will be met.

That is all they do with any degree of efficiently is pussyfoot around

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