#Self/inflicted/imposed #CRS/amnesia …. #Shades of #Vinny/The/Chin ….

Biden met with Hunter Biden business partner at White House in 2010: Report

Meeting with Joe Biden was one of 19 visits Eric Schwerin paid to the White House, according to visitor logs


Naturally; just like all the other questionable involvements K J had with many parasitic foreign opportunist, meetings The Brat orchestra set up to hustle them by getting next to HIS GUY for financial gain by all parties involved.

K J constantly #denied any connections. #Conveniently he came down with yet another serious attack of #CRS (can’t remember shit) !!!

Where the fuck did I put my slippers???

Could be all of the CRS antics that Kamikaze Joe has been performing are just be a cover up for him trying to weasel his way out of his culpability in his son’s illegal activities. He is dirty as THE BRAT.

My Guy; I think that fuckin lap top is going to do us in

MY GUY is the term The Brat used making reference to his father while negotiating with with his foreign partners. He wanted to sound like James Cagney. Doesn’t have the balls to do it using his own volition.

Possibly Kamikaze Joe has been putting on a stupendous #Academy-Award-winning-act as did Vinny the Chin Gigante, the king pin of the Mothers And Fathers Italian Association in New York for so many years pretending he was crazy so he was not held accountable.

Next; what we will most likely see, Kamikaze Joe, arm in arm with THE BRAT trudging up and down Pennsylvania Ave in his pajamas talking to imaginary people.

Just tell them I am nuts KID – so they can not touch me
The Chin got away with this act for years acting crazy

Different time – different place – same scenario, same act, both criminals, both thieves, one in pajamas and then other one in a 5,000$ suit.

By law, when a person is #declared-mentally-insane, they cannot be held responsible for their actions. That may be K J’s out.

At least somewhere down the line Vinny’s act was uncovered/revealed and he was held accountable for his vast list of criminal activities.

Optimistically; the curtain call to Kamikaze Joe’s #charades/illegal activities will have the same unhappy ending as was the case with The Chin. BUTTTTT, I doubt it. The Gigante syndrome can be very powerful and deceptive if the offender has enough political connections and $$$$$$$$.

Surprisingly enough; coupled with his #poor/disastrous performance as commander in chief, his #questionable illegal history connected with THE BRAT, #sexually harassing the ladies; he still has droves of sheep following him over the cliff.

Go figure!! Ignorance at its finest.

Congratulations too Doc for his successful surgery. Maybe more healthy happy years.

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