The face of #evil is #threatening the world …..

Evil personified

“We have all the tools to do this. The kind that no one else can boast of right now,” he said alluding to Russia’s deployment of a hypersonic missile last month. 

“And we will not boast; we will use them if necessary. I want everyone to know that,” he continued. “All the decisions have been made in this regard.”

It is really hard to fathom there is such evil in this world. Anyone that would even threaten to use a weapon such as a hypersonic missile has got to be mentally disturbed.

I have alluded to this #possibility from the very beginning of the Ukraine war. If Putin’s ass is backed against the wall and nowhere else turn, I believe he will use these #hypersonic missiles any word in every war in the world.

What is the answer to dealing with a monster like this?? Sad to say, strike them before they strike us. Blow the missiles up before they are launched. It is called a #preemptive-strike.

Military. an attack against an enemy in response to an obvious threat of attack by that enemy: because preemptive strikes are prompted more by clearly imminent danger than by speculation, they generally are considered acceptable in international law.

That is a possibility but in my opinion, no one wants to the pull the trigger first because of the long range consequences. Anyway you look at it, we do not have anything favorable staring us in the face.

There are possibilities available to end the war in Ukraine, but none of the choices are any good. Number one, Ukraine surrender for the betterment of the world. I do not see that happening. There are many downsides to that scenario, the most #important/severe being, Putin will not stop his campaign of #treachery there.

Putin is too #arrogant, #narcissistic and #egotistical to accept defeat. He will continue on his #rampage across Europe.

It may be reasonable/accurate to say; Putin is in a #high-stakes-poker-game and holds 50 out of the 52 cards based on the weaponry Russia has developed while the rest of the world has been sitting on their hands.

I certainly hope The United Nations in all of their supposed wisdom can come up with a feasible plan to end this war and do whatever is necessary stop this monster. His #mindset and #brutality are too far off the charts even to put a label on them.

I can’t help but wonder if TMC (AKA OBAMA) is willing to wear the #responsibility jacket for cutting back the military spending as much as he did while in office. DHYFB

At one time, not very long ago, United States was the most powerful country in the world because of its military might. That assumption now is very questionable, especially considering the fact of which how the #incompetent #anti-American-bastards are running the show.

If and when the nuclear missiles start flying; that will put an end to most of the inhabitable places on earth.

According to some experts, areas that are affected by nuclear fallout can be uninhabitable for 20,000 years.

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