So you want to be a bleeding heart ……

Riots in Sweden a ‘direct result of mass migration’ legal philosopher says

Eva Vlaardingerbroek said she blames liberal elites for the unrest in Sweden

This is the end result of #benevolent/bleeding-hearts being too good for their own good. The normally peaceful neutral country of Sweden, because of its caring disposition, is now getting a taste of the gratitude and appreciation of immigrants they allowed in their country.

Peace & Love (festival) – Wikipedia › wiki › Peace_&_Love_(festiv…

Peace & Love was the largest music festival in Sweden, known for its humanitarian message, pervasive throughout the event. It started in Borlänge and ran …


Recent riots in Sweden are a product of unfettered mass migration, a Dutch legal philosopher told Fox News on Friday.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek ( I will not even try to pronounce her name) on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson said the country was historically “tranquil,” but recent riots show the consequences of unfettered mass migration. 

A very sad but true fact of life. There are many people out there who mistake kindness for stupidity. It is has gotten to the point where, if we are not selfish and make sure our own are taking care of before others, many times there is a big price to pay as we can see in Sweden and other places around the world.

We did not create the conditions that exist in the places that these people are fleeing from; so why should we have to pay the price of accepting them into our countries?

Is it heartbreaking and devastating to see the #inhumane/barbaric way people are treated in different countries?? Absolutely, but as history has shown, no matter what we outsiders do, their method of brutal governing is never going to change.

The only thing that we are accomplishing when the immigration gates swing wide open is making other countries problems our problems.

People – people – people, self preservation is of the utmost importance in all of our lives, it is a natural instinct that should always be considered in life threatening situations. Being too good for our own good is just a breeding ground for self destruction.

As far as humanitarian purposes; do what can be done in order to help others, but we have to initiate self preservation in the meantime.

COMMONSENSE. We do not throw a life preserver to a stranger when our own family is drowning. I don’t know how much simpler of an example I can make show all the do-gooder fools out there with nothing between their ears so they can appreciate my concept/logic.


Let us not forget a very important fact of life. The scumbag politicians that come up with these harebrained ideas are not affected by them at all (at least yet). They live a very comfortable life on top of Nob Hill in their mansions looking down at all the little people suffer; they could give a FUCK less.

Close the gates and put the right people in office when election time comes around. It is going to take decades to recover from what Kamikaze Joe and his #band-of-thieves have purposively plagued this country with. I am not sure if we will ever recover. It does not look promising.

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