Still having a great sense of humor in spite of it all ….

Is it possible that I (and Putin) underestimated the Ukrainian people or over-estimated the Russians???

I have no problem admitting if I make a mistake, if the situation warrants it.

Possibly; the only ace in the hole Putin has are his nuclear/hypersonic weapons to come out the victor. I hope he is not fiendish enough to use them. It is always a possibility.

The Ukrainian people are very courageous, excellent on the battlefield and patriotic people. They should absolutely be commended for the fight they’re putting up against Putin. I don’t think many people expected the war would go this way, especially Putin. BRAVO.

The reason I say Putin instead of the Russians; I don’t think there are very many good citizens in Russia that approve of Putin despicable actions.

As the old saying goes; when in a physical altercation, never laid down and allow your opponent to decimate you. If nothing else, make sure you let them know you were there!!

My deepest respect to the Ukrainian people

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