#WTF am I missing???????

Biden pitches largest tax hike in history as part of $5.8T budget request

Biden proposes $2.5 trillion in tax increases as part of budget request

WTF has this guy done that is beneficial to the country since he’s been in office?? Everything he touches turns to shit. What the hell am I missing?? Why has he not been impeached for his incompetence??

The #lefters and #progressives wanted to #impeach Trump for saying #pussy, but have no problem with K J #destroying this country. What the hell am I missing?? Why has he not been impeached for his incompetence??

I continually say; put this guy in a closet and lock him up for the next 2 1/2 years. He is not only detrimental, bankrupting and poison to the USA, but is doing a huge number on the international community.

Like some of the old Italian women would say when were trying to legitimize some bad ass; ” well at least he is clean, he takes a bath once a week”. The fact that the bad ass had at least one quality, to the old ladies he was acceptable. A person would have had to be from that time in history to appreciate cliches like this. (GIVE ME BACK THE OLD DAYS) I don’t even see one quality in Kamikaze.

Instead of them (politicians) doing their due diligence (what they are elected for) and looking into areas where the pork can be cut to $ave, all these lethargic, do-nothing, worthless imbeciles know how to do is increase taxes in the print more money. Do they ever stop and think for one split second what the #financial #consequences of their incompetent actions will be for generations to come?? This country is going to be in such a deep dark hole; we may have to borrow one of Putin’s hydrosonic rockets to blast us out of the hole.

One of the major problems this country faces and will not change anytime soon; most of the bills and issues these bastard/bloodsucking/parasites pass have no direct impact on them. If every one of their piss poor decisions impacted them the way it does the average citizen; we would see a entirely different way of doing business.

The only thing that Kamikaze Joe did since he’s been in office that INITALLY even looked legitimate/promising, was to initiate a infrastructure bill that would supposedly create jobs and repair all the deplorable/decaying infrastructure we have in this country. IT WAS ALL A SMOKE SCREEN.

These parasites are so used to telling lies it is second nature to them.

I am absolutely 1,000% convinced/sure, these bastards do not have an honest on their body. Everything they do and say is built on lies and deception.


It’s worth remembering that while the media call the initiative an infrastructure plan, the Biden administration doesn’t. Officially, it’s the American Jobs Plan, and it consistently proposes creating or protecting jobs, especially union jobs. But the administration’s fullest description of the plan, a nearly 12,000-word fact sheet, leans heavily on infrastructure from the beginning. A close reading reveals just how much is really truthful/legitimate

Infrastructure as many people think of it—construction or improvement of bridges, highways, roads, ports, waterways, and airports—accounts for only $157 billion, or 7%, of the plan’s estimated cost. That’s apparently what Vought was referring to. The definition of infrastructure can reasonably be expanded to include upgrading wastewater and drinking water systems, expanding high-speed broadband Internet service to 100% of the nation, modernizing the electric grid, and improving infrastructure resilience. That brings the total to $518 billion, or 24% of the plan’s total cost.

They 95% of politicians remind me of the nefarious/dishonest/no-good-son-of-a-bitch-butcher who sprays chemicals on  his rotten meat to make it look and appear presentable/edible to the unassuming buyer. This practice is used so many times it’s frightening and the butcher/politician goes on their merry way not even blinking an eye. They have no #moral-compass or #conscience.

Speaking of deceitful Kamikaze Joe; how can anyone be as underhanded and dishonest as he is; all the while trying to convince the American public what great job he is doing and the American economy is booming?? He is without a doubt a very mentally sick person. Only a delusional, mentally ill person could make a statement such as this based on current conditions, or possibly someone that is trying to takedown the government. I may have to conclude, it can possibly be a combination of all three.

He has bullshitted his way through politics for 57 years. Most the problems that plagued the United States, KJ was instrumental in creating; and naturally in true fashion, either deny they exist or blame someone else. Shameful.

A testimony to his dishonesty that he will never be able to erase
How does he bullshit his way out of this one??

Remarks By President Biden On Building A Better Americahttps://www.whitehouse.gov › 2022/03/02 › remarks-b…

Mar 2, 2022 — And we’re growing stronger here at home as well. As I said last night, there is no greater testament to the grit and resilience of the American …

The deception, stupidity and gross incompetence of the American politician is mind-boggling and staggering, getting worse every day. What is the answer to this dilemma??? Regrettably, we may have to conclude we’re screwed.

The USA is definitely at a tipping point, whichever way it goes is anyone’s guess, or a flip of the coin. We might even be safer to put a huger bet on the Cleveland Browns winning a Super Bowl.

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