Smith – role model for REAL men..

Will Smith ‘should be stripped of the Oscar,’ Richard Williams’ estranged daughter says

Sabrina, 57, is one of five children from Williams’ first marriage

Sabrina Williams, 57, told the U.S. Sun, “So Will Smith got angry, went overboard and assaulted another person. Then you just can’t apologize two minutes later. You lost your mind. Wow.”

“I agree he should be stripped of the Oscar,” she added to the outlet.

You know what I have to say about that;

Sabrina, stick to what you so best, playing tennis.

Where has all the chivalry gone?? Where have all the Knights in shining armor gone that protected their family’s honor at the drop of a hat??

In part; there is an epidemic in this country where many of the men wanna be women and women want to be men. The balls seem to have shifted the other way.

In the old days, men were treated like men and women were treated like women. It is the man of the houses responsibility to protect his family at all costs, even if his life depended on it. What if Chris Rock would have punched Will Smith’s wife in the face, would he deserve an ass whipping??

Where does a person draw the line between acting like a #fear-full-gutless-punk, to acting like a man??

There is a lot of conversation out there from people they want to strip Smith of his Oscar. What the hell does one thing has to do with the other. Does it make it any less of an actor because he smacked the shit out of Chris Rock for insulting his wife?? Not as far as I’m concerned.

I do not condone violence, only under special circumstances. Looking at the person the wrong way it’s not one of them, but insulting or harming a man’s family is justification.

In some instances words are not enough to get your point across, it may take a little attitude adjustment to show you mean BID-NESS.

I just can envision Will Smith running onto the stage and yelling/scolding Chris Rock, no Chrissy you should not talk about my wife like that. Smith would have got laughed off the stage and never got the satisfaction of teaching Rock a lesson.

As hypocritical as so many people are, if Smith did not crack Rock in my face, most of his critics would have asked him; why didn’t you smack the shit out of the clown??

THE SLAP that was seen and heard around the world accomplished several things. Number one it showed the world the USA still has a few people with balls – Number 2 it saved the Academy Awards from going in the tank again.

The only thing many of the pathetic award programs have evolved into through the years, is a platforms for some fools to get out there and air there laundry or try to get across their political convictions. I say shit can all of them except the country Western Music Awards, where the attendees are the backbone of America and represent what the down to earth, the true/real American people are like. GENUINE

I don’t know if I have ever witnessed any of the country and western folks ever take the stage and make fools out of themselves like so many of the Academy Award attendees do.

Was this fool ever chastise or criticized for his unacceptable behavior?? Hell no, all of his liberal comrades in the audience give him a standing ovation.

Does Donald Trump in many circumstances deserves to get bad wrapped?? Absolutely, but the Academy Awards is not the time in the place. If nothing else, the office of the presidency should be respected.

To conclusion; some of lesser men in this country that want to feel like a bad-ass/tough-guy; walk up to one of these pacifist/flower/children’s old lady, punch her square between the eyes. You won’t have to worry about retaliation; this is not what they do.

Wake up America; many of the fools in this country have fallen so behind and created so much dissension in this world, it is staggering. They are the reason why so many kids reach the age of 15 years old, still have not decided what sex they want to be. GMAGFB, this country is regressing instead of progressing!!!

Someone with half a brain should try to convince me that there should be coed restrooms for kids in school. Someone should try to convince me it is fair and square for transgender men to compete against natural born women in sporting events.

We have to get back to the day in time (we never will) where men were addressed as Mr. and ladies were addressed as Miss or Mrs.; where men behaved like men are supposed to, and women behave like women. This has nothing to do with equality. As far as I’m concerned, a man with any sense would not that want to trade places with a GOOD woman. The job of a GOOD woman is many times more demanding and responsible than that of a man. If we respect each others positions and role life, everyone is happy and satisfied in the end, as it should be.

What does this all have to do with Will Smith clocking Chris Rock for insulting his wife?? This is what real men do, protect their family.

I wonder what would Smith would have done if Rock told him he had big ears??

In defense of Chris Rock; I understand he was not aware of the fact that Juda suffered from a hair disorder called alopecia. I am sure if he was, he would have never got out of line.

Alopecia areata: Alopecia is the medical term for bald. Areata means patchy. This patchy baldness can develop anywhere on the body, including the scalp, beard.

MESSAGE from Will Smith to Chris Rock: Don’t play the dozens ’cause it dozens ain’t yo game; you wolfed on my baby and I put you to shame!!!

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