There is no end to this insane man’s barbarism ……

Russia state-run TV program advocates for public hangings in occupied Ukrainian cities

Russian pundits on state-run TV show discussed potential hangings through military tribunal

I am usually a very good judge of character; but needless to say I never met him personally. Basing my opinions of what I had seen of him in the news, especially him being involved in the martial arts, where respect, kindness for your fellow man is paramount, I would have never expected him to be as sadistic and demented as he is.

I used to respectfully refer to him as the Judo Guy – now that I lost all the respect I once had ….

He sure fooled the shit out of me. I knew he was a #hard-nosed-dictator but I never could even #fathom the depths of his #depravity.

This should leave/send a loud and clear message to everyone, he will not leave a stone unturned or will use everything at his disposal, whatever drastic methods he needs to win this war, including nuclear warfare. He will not accept defeated.

There absolutely had to be a #mental-breakdown for this #madman to go off the deep end the way he has. No #normal-human being would be as #brutal and #sadistic as he has. He is making #Saddam #Hussein look like a punk.

I have often wondered if his wife, kids or family members were subjected to this same type of brutality and barbarism, how would he fell about it?? This is not normal or even close acceptable, even in the time of war.

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