K J is an absolute delusional fool……

Biden blames Putin, COVID for record-high inflation in US

He says his administration has nothing to do with it


Gotta wonder why ths time he neglected to put Donald Trump in the blame game?? He is slipping worse than I thought.

There is no one with a half a brain, possibly 1/4, that could deny Trump’s achievements in office. They are documented and a matter of government record.

Trump’s advancements while in office. They are too numerous to list, but a must read.


If Kamikaze Joe was not in such a hurry to undo all the advancements that Donald Trump made, (a get back thing) starting with throwing the immigration gates wide open and shutting off the spigot of the Canadian gas/oil line, the USA would not be in as many predicaments as we are today.

Instead of taking it on the chin like a real man would and admitting that he fucked up, bigtime he is blaming everyone except the butcher in the corner grocery store.

It is way beyond my comprehension how anyone, regardless of political affiliation can support this complete imbecile based on ALL the blunder he’s made that impacts this entire country. Kamikaze is not just stiffing all the Republicans that he detets so much; he is screwing the entire country.

Kamikaze Joe’s motivations to deep 6 everything that Donald Trump achieved, not because they were bad decisions, but because Kamikaze does not like eating sour apples. It was a revenge thing. His vindictive strategy blew up in his face, and in the face of all the American people. But as we may have suspected, Kamikaze is blaming everybody but himself.

In my opinion what the Democrats should have done back in 2019, went to a tent encampment under a bridge in PA, Kamikaze’s hometown, pick out one of the residence, took him to the YMCA for a solid scrub-down, to a Barber for quick haircut and shave, a halfway decent tailor to buy him some threads and then anoint him as their candidate for the presidency. Regardless of who they would have picked, it would have been impossible for the homeless person to do a worse job than Kamikaze Joe is doing now. Everything he touches turns to shit.

Now; to add or subtract some gasoline to the fire, because of past relationships with Saudi Arabia and the other oil rich countries (beside Kamikazes arrogance); the once ever so powerful USA is on its knees begging to get into their good graces once again.

Folks; we always know we are in deep shit when we call just speak to someone and they will not accept our call. HELLOOOOOO – Kamikaze who???

Russia-Ukraine war exposes fissures between Obama, Biden officials with oil-rich country leaders

Mistrust among Saudi, UAE leaders of Biden admin could prove challenging as global oil prices reach historic levels

Humility (one of many attributes that Kamikaze does not have) is one of the most important attributes for any person to have. For many years, while the USA was the KING of the Mountain, everyone in the world was standing in line, kissing their ass tring to get next to them. What is the old saying about burning bridges???

I am very fearful of the fact that we have not seen even 5% of this monstrous iceberg that is floating toward us, as if we were the Titanic, getting ready to get rammed.

How this disastrous dilemma it’s going to end up is anybody’s guess, but one thing is for sure, I do not see any peaceful solution; especially when we have leadership in office as we do, with a token, do-nothing vice president, and a totally incompetent, half senile, puppet president sitting in the big chair.

VP Kamala Harris to Democrats: Remind Voters “They Got …

https://www.realclearpolitics.com › video › 2022/03/12

3 days ago — Vice President Kamala Harris told Democrats at the party’s winter meeting on Saturday that the winning midterm message is to “remind” voters …

There are thousands of homeless people sleeping in tents to chose from who are waiting for a boost in life. Change the constitution and get the bum out of there.

I don’t know how many people are aware, in my opinion everything has just about come to a head, and this time may be for all the marbles. Conditions have never been worse.

I understand Russia has asked Charlie Chan for some assistance. If China gets into the mix physically, we have seen nothing yet. It would be a big toss up to see which would be dictators who is the most demented.

Bear in mind; this entire (the invasion) thing is 10% political and 90% ego. One thing for certain, when either one of their egos are challanged/rattled; ………………………

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