And Kamikaze is our supposedly leader …

President Biden refers to VP Kamala Harris as ‘first lady’

Biden said ‘first lady’s husband’ had contracted COVID-19


President Biden mistakenly referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “first lady” during remarks on Equal Pay Day at the White House Tuesday, and he went on to joke about the gaffe. 

“There’s been a little change in arrangement of who is on the stage because of the #first-lady’s-husband contracting COVID,” Biden said, according to video of the remarks available on CSPAN. 

This guy belongs in a #straight-jacket locked up in a #padded-cell not sitting in THE BIG SEAT as president of the United States.

As if conditions in this country could not be more #strained #politically and #internationally; we have the guy it is supposed to be calling the shots thinking the vice president Car-mella is his wife. HOLY SHIT!!

Is it possible that the #dynamic-duo I have something going on between them that we don’t know about?? After all #Kamikaze Joe as a #propensity For #tiptoeing through the #tulips.

If this was corporate America and Kamikaze Joe was the CEO who was suffered from dementia the way he obviously is; the board of directors would have #shit-canned him before he can unwrap that #wax-paper-wrapped, #oil-soaked, #greasy-pepper-and-egg-sandwich he brought to work with him.

Isn’t it frightening that Kamikaze Joe is the best Democratic Party had to offer; possibly leaving in his hands the #salvation of the United States (although we all know, he is not calling final shots).

Gotta wonder between #Car-mella and Kamikaze, who sleeps on the right side of the bed where the alarm clock is??

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