Come on Donny; I love you BUTT ……

In typical fashion; our X-President ran his mouth once again not knowing the actual facts. I heard the accusation on last night on the interview that Baldwin had with Step-anop-olis (bet he could not spell his last name until he was 15),

Trump Baselessly Implicates Alec Baldwin in Shooting of ‘Rust … › Entertainment

Nov 6, 2021 — Former President Donald Trump baselessly claimed that Alec Baldwin might have purposefully shot crew members on the set of the movie “Rust.” The …

Trump says Alec Baldwin of purposefully shot Halyna Hutchins › 2021/11/05 › trump-a…

Nov 5, 2021 — Trump accuses ‘nutjob’ Alec Baldwin of purposefully shooting Halyna Hutchins. ‘In my opinion, he had something to do with it,’ Trump said …

I have to say; Donny can get down and dirty in many incidents. Some of which are necessary; BUTT there have been far too many times he crosses the commonsense/decency line.

To call out some one and call them an asshole in my opinion in some case is totally acceptable, depending on the circumstances, BUTT to call someone out and accuse them of being a killer is way beyond being reasonable or fair.

This is a very good example of how Trump slit his own throat when he was running for the second time by running his mouth unnecessarily.

It seems to me that he is not become any wiser then he was because he continues to insult people and make accusations that are not true or have not been substantiated.

I made reference to this many times before. Donald Trump is like a brother a person has that they love dearly, but does not like a lot of things that they do.

By now, I would have thought the man would have seen the error of his ways and turning corner, but I guess I am wrong. He is a great example of giving a person much more credit than they deserve.

I still support him (our choice will be disastrous) and at this point I will vote for him in 2024 if he runs and depending on who the other candidate may be.

He is like Jackie Gleason, he is going to go out the way he lived. Jackie knew his lifestyle was killing him but that did not matter. In comparison; Trumps uncomplimentary characteristics are what took him down, but he is not wise enough to make a 360.

BOOZY JACKIE GLEASON WAS A LIVING HELL! – The Life … › boozy-jackie-…

THE HONEYMOONERS cast was a marriage made in Heaven, but Jackie Gleason’s drinking and bizarre habits turned some days into a living hell for his co-stars, …

That was some very serious accusation Trump made about Baldwin without it being proven.

Personally I do not care for Baldwin, possibly on account of his political views.

If it was an accidental shooting I feel very sorry for the man. That is one hell of a thing to have to live with.

The reason Baldwin and Trump are bumping heads is because of the number Baldwin has done on Trump while working on Saturday Night Live. Personally, I never like the show and I did not approve of his poor taste in humor.

Trump has a long and hard battle to fight attempting to get reelected. I would hope for his sake he would wise up enough and think before he opens his mouth. Many of his comments are out in left field and are degrading the office he held.

In many of the posts I did while PDT was in office; I constantly made reference to his ignorance. For a man that should be so well polished; I have my reservations.

We all remember the insulting comment about John McCain Trump made, it was about as low as it gets. Speaking of McCain’s capture, Trump Said; he did not like loser, he only liked winners”. Essentially; Trump put the bad mouth on everyone that served.

That is not bad enough; Trump denied – denied- denied making the comment. Donny Lad; it is all on video.

Back to Baldwin. There are several possibilities. Baldwin said he cocked the gun but he never pulled the trigger. If that is the case, it may be possibly there gun had a malfunction, unlikely but possible. If the proper procedures were carried out, if the gum was checked properly by ALL that handled it, someone would have seen the live round.

There are so many people that may be responsible for this tragic accident; but in my opinion, the fault lies with Baldwin and the person/people that should have instructed him on the all important rules of gun safety. What is the old cliche?? Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

EXAMPLE: As ridiculous as it may sound; if there are 1,000 people in a room and they are passing a firearm around for others to look at; it is THE RESPONSIBILITY of each person to check that firearm as soon as it is in their possession.

Live rounds on the end – blank rounds in the middle

As we can see; it is very simple to tell the difference between a blank round from a live round.

With a revolver, a person should open the barrel for a visual inspection – with a magazine fed gun, the magazine should be taken out, the slide should be pulled back and forth several times just in case there happens to be a round in the chamber that is not visible.

Looking Down the Barrel stock image. Image of front, sight - 49594635
front view of a revolver
Photo Semiautomatic Handgun Bullets Clip Stock Photo (Edit Now) 1454911028
Clip and rounds of a semi-automatic

If the proper procedures were followed, there would not have been someone killed and another person injured.

Who is at fault?? Commonsense should tell us.

Will Donny ever come to his senses/see the light?? Lets see; he is now 75 years old and ………..

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