I can sum it up with a very short acronym ….

California’s zero-bail policy sets free 14 smash-grab robbery suspects, LAPD chief says

Back in March, the California Supreme Court ruled that judges in the state must consider a suspect’s ability to pay when setting bail prices

Jewelry stores are often targeted in smash-and-grab robberies.

The only words I have for the authorities are #SMF. They call themselves authorities, BUTT what are they authorities of??? It sure as shit in is not law enforcement. How can anyone in the position of power be so #ignorant that they #perpetuate #crime and #encourage it by the laws they pass. The criminals are laughing in their face.

Change the laws and throw the bums out of office. They are more of a menace to society than the crooks are.

The only words I have for the authorities that allow these crime to go unpunished are SMF. Might as well just give the thugs the keys for the front doors.

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