Telling it like it is ..

Absolutely worth watching.

Republican candidate for Virginia lieutenant governor, Winsome Sears, torched Terry McAuliffe after he accused Glenn Youngkin of trying to ban Black authors in what many critics call a desperate attempt to get out the vote amid the contentious gubernatorial race

Sears joined “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday, blasting the Democrats for manipulating Black voters each election cycle and trying to sow racial division. 

Her eyes and ears are wide open and is pegging the antagonistic Demo-socialists for what they truly are. It is too bad more people are not listening to her.

The slime balls rebel-rousers have a pattern of riling up the black community, ONLY for the purpose of getting their vote. As the lady says, they do it every four years, get the vote and do another Houdini.

It really disturbs me that there are so many GOOD people that are sucked into the Snake Oil pitch of the professional Bull-shitters. All the do is pray on their weaknesses fill the collection baskets and get the votes.

If more of the well respected people in the black community continue to expose these scumbags, sooner or later their numbers may dwindle down.

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COMMON-SENSE is the name of the game Addressing topics other bloggers shy away from. All posts are original. Objective: impartial commentary on news stories, current events, nationally and internationally news told as they should be; SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. No topics are off limits. No party affiliations, no favorites, just a patriotic American trying to make a difference. God Bless America and Semper Fi!
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