Car-mella is bad at a lot of things including ….

Kamala Harris’ prediction that Virginia result presages 2022 and 2024 comes back to bite Democrats

Republicans are happy to say that they agree

Vice President Kamala Harris‘ prediction about the Virginia governor’s race may come back to bite her and her fellow Democrats in their Kester; some of which a extremely hard to miss.

Car-mella is bad at a lot of things including prognosticating. Two things she does excel in, putting on that Chessy Cat grin and tell K J to get bent.

Message to Carm: Stick to what you do best, telling K J (Kamikaze Joe) to take a Flying F and doing nothing. You don’t do anything he tells you to (after all he is supposed to be your boss), and you can not pick winners.

There is one big down side to predicting; you look like a fool when your horse comes in last.

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