Not for me …..

China opens the world’s highest hotel with floors two times higher than the Eiffel Tower

Personally; I don’t know what the obsession is with being on the top floor. More to my liking is to be on the ground floor. With all the uncertainty with Mother Nature and her natural disasters; the though of falling 2,000 feet in the case of an earthquake just to have the bragging right, I will relinquish my room to someone else.

The J Hotel opened on June 19 and has 165 rooms with 34 suites. A stateroom, the hotel’s cheapest, is more than 650 square feet and offers 24/7 personal butler service, a daily fruit plate and newspaper and a view of the Huangpu River, the pulpers pay about $557 per night.

For the upper crust, the J Suite, is over 2,000 square feet and features a panoramic living room, sauna, and crystal chandeliers for about $10,467 (which is only second place) with similar amenities. The Shanghai Suite, the hotel’s most expensive, is over 4,000 square feet and greets guests with a Chinese phoenix, but the price per night is not shown. As the old Chinese proverb says; if you have to ask the price, don’t go.

The price some people will pay for status is nuts, especially when there are so many others starving.

Just for an FYI;

Palms Casino ResortAt $100,000 per night, the Empathy Suite at Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort is considered the most expensive hotel room in the world.

Paying that much for a room; I hope High-Rolling Joe Blow brings a lot of Blue Pills with him to get his moneys worth. Hate to roll snake eyes in the love-making department.

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