Does this #surprise anyone????

Gwen Berry, flag-snubbing US track and field star, defended by the White House

Psaki: Biden believes “pride in our country means recognizing’ that we ‘haven’t lived up to our highest ideals’

One moron said to the other moron; why is it that kids these days are as stupid and disrespectful as they are?? The 2nd moron answered; because they were raised by morons.

Not too much of a moron after all.

When the leaders of this country put their stamp of approval on certain issues; how are the kids in the country suppose to interpret them??

If the same people that turn their backs to the flag and take a knee were in a restaurant and did not like what was on the menu; should we assume they have the right to walk out?? No one is holding a gun to their heads to stay in the USA.

Demonstrate yesdisrespect no. How do the morons think their kids will turn out when they see what their moron parents/role models are behaving??

I will agree with Psaki; there is a LOT of room for improvements in this country in so many areas, not just race; BUTT disrespecting the flag is not how to go about making changes. Positive changes and advancement are made through #EDUCATION, not #promiscuity, #brainwashing and bad examples.

Case in point:

See the source image

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