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You know the country is in danger of full invasion when several states are sending their troops to the southern border. At this point, every state in the Union is a border state. Illegal aliens (term written by Congress) don’t just stay where they illegally enter (after paying thousands of dollars to Human Traffickers as they control the border). Illegal aliens spread out across the country. What is concerning is that no one knows whether they are terrorists, other types of criminals, and/or whether they have contagious and deadly diseases. We appear to be in an all out war. Just look at historical war reenactments where Civilians (like yourselves) are used as targets. No one can remain silent sitting on the sidelines. God save the USA!

I made this observation many months ago when the scourge of illegal’s were invited by the new president to come across the boarder, unimpeded to stay as long as they wanted. The reason J J (Jokin Joe) was so benevolent, was ONLY to do a get back at PDT for his boarder policies that were functioning very well. I guess J J missed the boat on this one too. If it is not broke, don’t fix it. His revenge and stupidity is going to cost the USA trillions of dollars and unimaginable damage and chaos.

Most people were of the opinion that the carriage and destruction would be contained in the boarder towns. I said; it would be just a matter of time before every state in the continental US would come under attack.

Listen folks; it is an absolutely tragedy that these conditions exist?? You bet your ass it is tragic, BUTT there is nothing anyone can do about it with the exception of the governments these people come from. The conditions in these countries have been on the skid for centuries and will not change anytime soon. The root of the problem lies with the government these people come from.

I watched a documentary about Pa Pa Doc who was the ruler of Haiti for decades. He is just one of the example of how these countries leaders really are. Read it, you will be shocked:

There is no other solution but to have them stay in place – the criminal leaders of the countries that are robbing their people blind, scarfing up all the foreign aid they receive using to for their personal bank accounts; they should be kicked out of office and tried as the criminals they are.

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If this documentary does not make your skin crawl, you are not human. These evil bastards are just an example of the carnage that exists around the world that everyone is turning a blind eye too.

If all of the foreign aid that was sent to these poor people was used as it was intended; there would be not one starving person on the planet.

Pass out 1,000$ bills is not the answer; getting the governments of these countries in line is the only solution. WTF does it take for the BIG BOYS to open their eyes. Great possibility; they like conditions just the way they are. There is some very serious money being made by a lot of people letting the bombs and bullets continue to fly.

There is enough money in this world that these conditions do not have to exist. I just did a post on a hotel room in Vegas costing 100,000.00$ per night while millions of people do not know where their next meal is coming from. Now that is disgraceful. How with any good conscience justify that??

There are answers, BUTT the Big Wigs have shit in their ears and blinder on. Many do not want change.

How sad and pathetic our world has become

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