When we thought we heard it all from the idiots ….

House Republicans question Biden’s ‘naive’ plan to send cash to Central America to stop migration

Biden has proposed $4B investment in Central America in push to tackle ‘root causes’


This fool that calls himself the president of the USA, that has been in politics for over 50 years and should know the ropes by now; is suggesting we send billion$ of dollar$ to the governments of the immigrants to keep them from going north.

Doesn’t J J (Jokin Joe) know that any kind of funds sent to these countries goes directly into the account of the corrupted governments leaders. WTF is the matter with J J; or is he and Hunter getting a kickback??

For the most part; while he was in office PDT had the boarder all under control. Just because the socialist-dumb-o-cratics wanted to destroy anything Trump put into place, they had their Sacrificial Lamb J J signing executive orders the very 1st day he took office (a got you thing) nullifying everything Trump did; whether is was good for the country or bad. Their vengeful acts have cost the government trillions of dollar$ since that incompetent fool took over. There seems to be no end to his stupidity. Going to pay foreign governments to keep their people from going north; AYSM!!!

If we had a list of irresponsible things J J and his crew have done and listed the from 1 – 20, 20 being the worst; J J would have scored a modest 65.

Stupidity and complacency his is not only J J’s MO; it has been part of the governments way of doing business for decades. Instead – instead – instead of trying to resolve almost all the conditions by using good common-sense and putting in the effort to come with a costless/sensible resolution; their first move is to raise taxes or to pay off the enemy.

J J had a great teacher in TMC (The Manchurian Candidate).

TMC was not alone; most of the bums that sat in The Big Chair financed the enemy; who in the long haul used it against the USA. As we can see; we are still doing it this very day.

https://www.govinfo.gov › content › pkg › html

Armed with billions in cash, how much more harm could Iran and its terrorist … In addition to the considerations that I pointed out in my statement, I should point out … Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush, as well as President Obama, have each … cooperation across the region with Moscow–another avowed U.S. adversary.

Then comes along the brash billionaire business man, Donald Trump that put all the ducks in a row and cut off all the funds to our enemies. What a salvation for America; right?? Then because all of the far left; the socialist-dumb-o-cratics banded together and black balled everything PDT did. When these insignificant worms got into office by hook or crook they threw a monkey wrench into everything Trump put together. They all are despicable bastards; who because they have a personal ax to grind are literally destroying this country.

Going to pay foreign governments to keep their people from going north; AYSM!!!

There can be no other explanation for their outlandish decision making beside being incompetent crooks that are trying to topple the USA and put it into a social state.

This fool J J (or the people pulling his strings) have not made one senseable decision since he took office, possibly with the exception of the infrastructure upgrade (we are falling apart at the seams) and that remains to be seen.

Going to pay foreign governments to keep their people from going north; AYSM!!!

I am not alone. The USAID foundation had this to say: “The strategy of sending cash payments to foreign countries to stem the tide of illegal immigration caused by Biden administration policies is naive and misguided,” the lawmakers write. “Moreover, the countries identified as potential recipients include some of the most corrupt countries in the world, with El Salvadaor and Guatemala ranking in the top ten.”


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