Get ready, Na-New Na-New may be coming …..


Published 13 hours ago

Possible UFOs spotted off Florida coast

The dazzling video shows two orbs of light soaring airborne across the night sky.

Mankind is not in bad enough shape (probably in one of the most precarious times in history) trying to deal with our earthling predicaments. Now we have much more deadly conditions to deal with (we don’t stand a chance) with; Na New Na New and his band of invaders circling the earth just wait to make the move.

I am fearful; when they do decide to pounce, who knows how soon that will be; it will be as one of the most brilliant scientist to have ever live Stephen Hawking said; They are out there and they are coming, something we do not want to have happen. If and when they do, they will destroys us.

10 books by Stephen Hawking that prove the genius that he was | The Times  of India

Na New and his crew have technology so far advanced from ours; it makes us look like we are still trying to figure out how to carve the wheel out of rock.

The Bad Assed Human Race (with all of our arrogance of superiority) will not be able to combat their advanced weaponry.

Naturally; I don’t know anything for sure; but I do have a very strong suspicion that we will be invaded by unwelcome invaders at one time or another. I am not talking about at the Mexican boarders.

All of the weapons combined in this world the mentally sick world leaders have at their disposal will not be able to hold a candle to what Na New and his pals have. One gigantic zap and it may be all over.

The search for aliens should start on Earth not outer space, says scientist

SOOO; to all of the self-righteous fools in this world; (speaking of world leaders) go pack it in fellas; in the big scheme of things, you are nothing but a pesky little mosquito buzzing around, trying to annoy someone.

In my opinion; we have just as much to worry about what is out there as we do to worry about what we have here. I have always been of the opinion;


Alien bombshell: We are NOT alone, claim ET hunting experts | Science |  News |

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