Who?? President Car-mella toooo …..

Time magazine names Biden, Harris its Person of the Year in profile fiercely critical of Trump


It appears the more a person lies – the more crooked – deceitful – corrupted they are, plus plus plus; the more it drives up their credibility which makes them candidates for the Person of the Year. That is a perfect match for J J (Jokin Joe).

On top of J J getting the award last night, the organizers of the program didn’t want to look like bigots in these stressful times, and just award the prize to the white guy, so they threw Car-Mella into the mix. After all, how can the vice president JJ get an award and exclude the president Car-mella??

I would like to know; what did the dynamic duo do that was some impressive to get the award. All I heard for the last year was J J lie through his teeth about his crooked business affairs; see pictures of him IMPOSING himself on women and little girls, which he was never held accountable for, and deny he had anything to do with his BRATs business dealings. Not only did J J make sure his son was well healed, he took good care of his brothers as well.

How did Biden’s brother get rich through his connections:

How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through …


  • Published: Jan 19, 2020
    • James Biden. Joe Biden’s younger brother, James, has been an integral part of the family political …
    • Hunter Biden. With the election of his father as vice president, Hunter Biden launched businesses …
    • Howard Krein. It would be a dream for any new company to announce their launch in the Oval Office …
    • Frank Biden. In late March 2009, Vice President Joe Biden landed in Costa Rica aboard Air Force …

To put it into perspective; what did Carm do that was so note worth, except be at the right place at the right time. Her stars were definitely aligned.

They said; if it is good enough for people like Hitler, The Judo Guy and Stalin, why not JJ and Carm? Or should it be Carn and JJ. Pecking order you know!

From Hitler to 'You': Time Magazine's 10 most controversial People of the  Year - New York Daily News
From Hitler to 'You': Time Magazine's 10 most controversial People of the  Year - New York Daily News
The History of TIME's Person of the Year Franchise | Time

I do not want to imply J J and Carm are in the same league as these three bandits; what I will say; some of the tactic they used to get were they are, are at best very suspect.

In this crazy world we live in people are evaluated by how the know and who they —-; who their daddy and great grand daddy were and how many dead president they have stashed away. Many of them have gotten away with murder and have never been held accountable.

Take the Wild Willie and CHC. The list of criminal activities are too numerous to list, one including murder. Yet because of who they are, neither one of them will ever wear an orange prison uniform.

So, when we try to figure out why they pick unsavory characters for person of the year, it does not necessarily have to be one of the good guys.

I may be missing something. It was always my understanding; for a person get get an award, it should be for something respectable and beneficial to mankind. But who am I.

I don’t know, it looks like Mr Webster may agree with me.



wȯrd  \awardedawardingawards

Definition of award

1: to confer or bestow as being deserved or merited or needed

award scholarships to disadvantaged students

2: to give by judicial decree or after careful consideration

The jury awarded damages to the defendant.award a contract

Situations like this partially tell us why the world is so screwed up.


Why not give Albert DeSalvo for his handy work??

Albert Henry DeSalvo was an American criminal and serial killer in Boston, Massachusetts who confessed to being the “Boston Strangler”, the murderer of 13 women in the Boston area from 1962 to 1964. It was widely believed that DeSalvo was imprisoned for a series of the rapes.

Albert DeSalvo

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1 Response to Who?? President Car-mella toooo …..

  1. Time is a Democrat magazine. Obviously Trump deserved to be on the cover with his Middle East Peace agreements but they are trying, along with the rest of the press, to convince the public that Biden and Kammie won. Best way to do it is ignore Trump altogether. He doesn’t exist in their minds.

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