Cut off your nose to spite your face …

What is the wisest thing to do when rioters are destroying our city?? Naturally cut the police funding.

Minneapolis cuts police funding by $8M amid crime surge following summer riots

In this very short life of ours, we have to live in die by the decisions we make. Stupid decisions like cutting the police fund by 8 million dollar$ is not a very wise decision. I guarantee the fools in Minneapolis will regret their decison and live or die by it.

They are not even smart enough to see the end result of police defunding in Portland Oregon and NYC. What will defunding police departments bring, increased lawlessness. The mayor in Portland finally decided that allowing rioters and squatters to go unchecked was not a very wise decison. The mayor of NYC is too ignorant to admit it.

NYPD Crime Stats: 166% increase in shootings fuels rise in … › nyc-shootings-shooting-surge-spike-gun…

Sep 2, 2020 — NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — The NYPD released new crime statistics Wednesday for the month of August, and the dramatic increase in …

Crime rate up 166%

There is absolutely no way that any society can flourish without adequate police protection and the military.

The sad part about it is, many innocent people become the victims of the authorities ignorance and incompetence.

Pay me now or much more later fools.

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