He does one thing right and everything else wrong ….

Will Jerry Brown commute sentences of every death row inmate in one of his last acts as California governor?

He just may do it for spite to get in the last zinger before getting his hat.

It will be chiseled on his tombstone,  Here lies Jerry Brown, he did one thing right and everything else wrong; will be his epitaph.

I still am of the opinion; no man or women, even the president of the USA should have that much power to commute a person sentence that was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, unless there is strong substantiated evidence that the person is not guilty.  Essentially, that is sending a message to the judicial system that their decision is worthless.

Earlier today:  The one thing Jer (that is what his friends call him) did right.


California lawmakers approved a bill this week that would expand the list of people who could ask a court for a gun violence restraining order, reports said. 

AB2888 passed the state Senate 25-12. It would allow co-workers and school personnel to petition a court to temporarily remove guns from someone they believe poses a danger, the San Francisco Chronicle reported

Let the news/facts and common-sense speak for them self!!

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