A little wisdom from Mr. Lee …

Is Spike Lee too pro-cop? After critique, he claps back

Filmmaker Spike Lee responded to criticism of his latest movie “BlacKkKlansman” in a way that might surprise cops. He stated that “we need police” and he also took up for the profession by stating that “I’m never going to say that all cops are corrupt.” 

Soooo, there are some common-sensed people in La La Land. The very controversial Spike Lee can be considered one of the leaders of the black community and his voice is heard by all the his people. It is very important that people like Lee send the right message to their community to try to put the ice to racism.

Although it is a very steep mountain to scale, racism can be controlled (I don’t think it will ever be eradicated) if everyone pulls in the same direction. Having people like Lee acknowledge the necessity for cops, is a big shot in the arm for the movement.  Possible some younger people who hear conversation like this will  have a different perspective on policemen.  Kids learn by example.

Next comes the biggest hurdle; controlling the crime rate. Control the crime, no need for police intervention, weed out the rogue cops, punish the outlaw cops, abuse will stop. Everyone will have a much brighter future.

Hats off to THE SPIKER!!

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It took hundreds of years for mankind to get as screwed-up as it is today in the racial department. Optimistically, BUTT I doubt it,  if everyone cares enough about future generations, it can slowly get turned around with help from guy like Mr. Lee.

I like to end with a positive note!!

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