Lots of starving dogs out there ……

Fox News

Surgeon specializing in ‘designer nipples’ says patients want the Kendall Jenner look

Just another example of one of the  Kardashian tribe doing anything they can to get some attention.

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After the fact, they come off like the Little Vestal Virgins, so innocent. Than they bitch and complain about men sexually harassing them. Never hang a pork in front of a starving dog.

I love to ask stupid questions because I love to see the stupid answers I get back.

Do we think that this lady is showing her boobs deliberately just to get attention??

Should we assume that her deliberate exhibition can possibly get a rise in some Horny Dudes Levi’s?

Is it possible that some horny nuts case, who is slightly off his rocker, may attack this exhibitionist or fools like her?

I have 3 yeses out of 3 commonsense questions.  So why do these bimbos  expose them-self the way they do??  All for the attention.

I will not go so far as to say; if they get molested it is their fault, BUTT I will say, they brought it on them-self.

Many times I have alluded to the fact how some of the  the celebs are a disgrace they way the set bad examples for the younger generation and some of the older idiots that idolize them.

Proving my point (excuse the pun).

Because of Kendal Jenner’s obsession of flashing her nips around,  plastic surgeon Norman Rowe’s business is thriving.  They even came up with a special name for the little critters called, designer nipples.

Rowe, who practices at Rowe Plastic Surgery on Park Avenue in NYC, says the women who seek his services are looking to change the firmness, shape and even color of their nipples, often in order to better highlight their breasts through their clothing.

Why bother getting dressed at all??

Never hang a pork in front of a starving dog.

Remember all of you gals out there that want to tantalize the boys; there used to be a program on the tube called; YOU ASKED FOR IT.

Think twice and act once. 

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