Never take a stick to a gun fight!!!

USA Today

Pennsylvania school district gives teachers baseball bats to fight attackers

I did a post a short time back about arming the teachers with guns. Not many people are aware of the fact; only a very small percentage of BLACK BELTS in the martial arts are capable of defending themselves. Point being; it is NOT the concept of arming a person with a weapon; the questions is, how many of them have the skills or guts to use it??  A teacher or anyone else going after a well armed gunman with a ball bat is not the answer.
My suggestion of not making entrances to the schools available to mass murderer or anyone that does not belong there is a 99% sure way of eliminating any future slaughters.
If it means; reconstructing every school in the country so it  only one entrance and exit (the same door) , so be it.  At that one opening, we have security posted.
Are we more concerned about the cost of the reconstruction, the cost of hiring a guard  and the inconvenience of our students or saving our students and teachers from future slaughters?? I hate to hear some of the answers.
This may sound redicilous, BUTT this is human-nature. If the school districts did implement my suggestion of putting armed guard at each entrance and blocking off other doorways, there would be an out-pouring of complaints from students, their parents and also teacher that it is an inconvenience to have them walk so far. My answer to them would be; give me a better suggestion. 
My initial suggestion may be slightly hypothetical and chances of the government putting it to use is little to none. BUTT baseball bats are not the answer.
I know that my recommendation will never be employed. Why; because the government will always come up with 1,000 reasons why it is not feasible. $$$$$ being the first on the list.
OKKKKKK – If nothing else, issue all the teachers tasers or some other weapon that can incapacitate or kill the criminal.  Even Hornet spray would be better than a bat. The user does not  have to get close to use it,  it can sprayed up to 20 feet and should be sprayed directly into the perps eyes. If they go blind …… !!
Issue each class room a couple of cases of the spray. Hold classes on how to use it properly. I would still add at least one cop to every school in the country. Realistically, what can a teacher or her 2nd grade class do to contain a criminal until the cops get there. Nothing.
As strange as it may sound, there are multitudes of very delicate people out there that WILL NOT be-able to use even bug spray to protect themselves. It is not in their DNA. The first thing that comes to their mind; they do not want to injure anyone.
In all reality, using any type of weapon except a gun on an intruder is NOT the solution. Getting close enough to use anything except a gun is extremely dangerous. My suggestions of armed guards is the ONLY 99% fool proof of being effective.
It is a sacrilege that the USA has been reduced to this level.  If we do not fire with fire and handle this the right way,  we are and have been losing the battle.
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